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Tom Bigauskas, P. Eng.         BIO
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About Azure

We deliver uniquely informed adaptation. 

Azure Research designs and provides pattern signature recognition technologies and services that serve thermal, optical, materials and aerosol applications.

Skilled mobilization and the ability to validate significant productive adaptation through expertise in time-series and multi-dimensional recording,  establishes unique input quality.  Input processing
classifies response and the space that is influenced. Outcomes from this work can signal advanced control or serve to evolve design.

Expertise and experience in design
, mobilized and validated through many international, industrial and resource projects, ensures even the most complex project is competitively and accurately delivered.

Hybrid Designs

TECHNOLOGIES:  We analyze and create
combinations of technology and design to overcome limitations in different environments, scale and events.

By using expertise , resourcefulness and development discipline
, in economically combining viable competing technologies, new possibilities evolve.

Interactive Systems

controlled synergy between design and technology combinations to optimize and prevent competing or detrimental outcomes.

Azure research creates recognition technologies that analyze the environment, sub-system performance and desired overall patterns to achieve the best assembly performance and targeted signature.